Tony Laf Album

We started working on an album couple years back with a London based artist Tony Laf. Tony is a singer songwriter and took part in the first series of Britain’s got talent. He got all the way to the semi-finals. After being at Simon Cowell’s label a good while, he felt that it was time to make an album more on his own terms. Thats when we got introduced through the record label at Westminster’s and started working on the project.

Tony had few tracks ready that needed to be arranged for the band. Quite soon after starting I lined up a few guys for Tony and things seem to fall into place quite nicely. The guys are:

Jacob Quistgaard – guitar (Bryan Ferry, Missy Elliot, Jamie Cullum, etc.)
Jari Salminen – drums (Poets of the fall, Anna puu, etc.)
Al Scott – keys (hes from Manchester)
Teemu Hammaren – (my self) on the bass

After that we started working on new tracks with Tony, and in couple of months we had enough material to start working on the recording. Had a few rehearsals and then went to record at the Arcadium Studios with Simon Ellam. They had just opened the place with Sam Kennedy and we were basically the first ones in the studio.

We tracked the band live in two days, and then wen’t working on the vocals in another studio. After finishing up on vocals we started working on the mixes, and for several reasons had a quite a long brake before getting backxe working on them. Now we’re about halfway though the mixes and hopefully get everything done by the end of the year. You might be expecting a release somewhere along 2017.


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